Join me for a group PLUNGE + launch your signature service or product in 3 weeks.


Mermaid Photo Shoot, Feb. 2012.

Get on the FAST TRACK PLUNGE: 3-weeks to dream, design and launch your signature service or product.

The PLUNGE: A Group Experience into mythological marketing, business direction and imaginative branding.

For women + men + mermaids.
(Discount for actual mermaids.)

I believe there’s a very fine line between mythology + reality—between fantasy + fabulous business design.

And if you want to build, market + grow your business like a mermaid—or a faerie, goddess, sprite, satyr, unicorn or angel—I say: let’s DO it. And let’s do it NOW.

How it works:
– I’ll give you the templates, worksheets, prompts, scripts and nuts n’ bolts you’ll need for the design and marketing of a signature product or service that you dream up. If you need some ideas to help you think BIG, I can give you lots of ’em!

– You’ll have access to me via email for the whole 3 weeks. I will review ALL of your work and give feedback.

– We’ll have 2 online sessions using Uber Conference where I’ll coach everyone 1-on-1 to review their ideas, designs and plans and give feedback. Both sessions will be recorded.

Dates for group coaching calls: October 21st 2-4pm (PT) and November 4th 2-4pm (PT).

– You’ll have access to a private forum to communicate with other PLUNGERS for connection, support and feedback.

– During the wrap up week between November 4-11, you will each have a 30 minute close up session with me 1-on-1. I’ll answer any final questions and give final feedback.

So, why only 3 weeks? Speed and clarity, that’s why! Clarity = razor-sharp decision-making = speed = progress = cash in your pocket.

Plunging Proof!

Aparna Khanolkar, “This is by far the best offering you’ve ever created.”

Laura Eliseo, Creating Heaven on Earth: “From the moment I committed to working with you I felt the Universe lining up to support me! You really helped to bring all the things I do together in a cohesive manner, and got it happening.”

THE RULES – to be eligible for this group PLUNGE series:

  1. You must already have a live website or web presence on Facebook, Blogger, etc. (And, I’ll do a second group PLUNGE from January-February 2013 specifically addressed to those of you launching or rebranding your web/online presence.)
  2. The product or service you design must be at least $500.
  3. You are determined and committed to launching or pre-launching your new product/service on or before November 1st.
  4. You must attend both 1-on-1 group coaching calls on 10/21 and 11/4 from 2-4pm (PT). You don’t have to stay on the whole call if you have other pressing engagements. I can schedule your 1-on-1 time to happen anytime during the group call.

Beginning October 21 through November 4, 2012.

PRICE for all of this goodness: $250

Build a business with supernatural potential.
Go for depth. Go for impact.
Take The PLUNGE.