“Life sucks and it’s down to YOU” by Lyn Thurman


Installment #4 of Your Shadow as CEO for a Day is brought to you by Mambo Yvette.


Life sucks and it’s down to YOU.

So life sucks, right? You don’t have to admit it to me because I hear it all the time.

So-and-so did this to me and then a ton load of crap happened. I got a parking ticket but it wasn’t my fault because I didn’t have enough change and it was raining and I was only gone an hour. The ticket warden didn’t like me, obviously. Why does that always happen to me? And don’t get me started on my job…. it’s so boring. My boss is a bitch. My kids smart mouth me. And my man? Well he’s a good for nothing lay-about–won’t make dinner, won’t help around the house, sex is all grunt ‘n roll.

Get a grip, woman! Grow some balls.

If your life resembles a shit pile, it’s because you’ve sculptured it that way. That’s right. YOU did this. YOU’RE the creator. YOU let it happen.

I know you’re going to argue with me. You’re going to tell me that you had a bad childhood, you fell in love with a no-good man, you made some bad choices, you had experiences that shook your world. It’s not your fault that things happened to you. Yep, I hear you. Do you know what? Nobody ever gets through life without bad stuff happening. No one. Not Mother-fucking-Theresa, the fucking Dalai Lama, and even sweet baby Jesus had it rough. You ain’t nothin’ special. You’re just like everyone else.

Your pity-party is ugly. It’s an energy drain and all you do is attract other losers who want to moan and bitch at the water cooler. You swap poor-me stories and feed the negativity. How do you expect to pull yourself up when you wallow in the shit?

Shut your mouth, child. Pull up your big girl panties and hold your hands up to your life. You might not like it, hell no, I wouldn’t like your life either but it’s what you’ve got.

Time to decide, girlfriend. Gonna keep accepting whatever life throws your way or are YOU going to do something about it?

lyntLyn Thurman is an author, a soul path success coach, rebel-rouser at the Inner Goddess Revolution, founder of the Soul Path Tribe and editor at the Soul Path Magazine. When she’s not on a spirit led adventure, she’s taking photos of the sky, making a mess with her kids, or strolling with her husband by the sea. She believes in magic and sparkles and the amazing possibilities of you.

Find Lyn at www.lynthurman.com and hanging out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lynthurmanpage

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There are 4 comments on “Life sucks and it’s down to YOU” by Lyn Thurman

  • Thank you so much for letting Mambo Yvette be CEO for the day! She sort of scares the crap out of me 😉 x

    • Lyn, Mambo Yvette doesn’t take or put up with any shit.

      Talk about efficiency! LOL!

      Love that you allowed this part of you a voice. It’s an important step in courageously stepping into your full self.

      I applaud you darling!



  • I love tough love. Not because I’m a masochist but because I know it has the power to pitch my ass over whatever mountain or molehill I *think* I can’t surmount. Nobody said life was easy. If you want what you want then pull your big chonies and handle it.

    Great post!

  • This is pretty amazing! What a fanciful site!

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