Greetings Beloved,

This is a guided activation to connect to Lilith and activate her archetypal powers, style, tone and ethics within you.

In addition, you may receive special messages from her and creative ideas. I recommend having a journal or notebook near you to jot down everything you experience during the meditation.

This practice is based on my work in my book Return to Enchantment: Your Guide To Creating A Magical Livelihood and my on-demand course Unbound Experience. We will be using a technique I’ve developed out of my Jungian studies called Imaginative Play, and it is based on Jung’s practice called Active Imagination.

Imaginative Play is deeply relaxing and restorative, and at the same time enlivening and inspirational. I recommend you listen back to this recording 2-3 more times and experience how the depth and connection with Lilith grows during these inner world interactions.


With honor, humility and devotion I call upon Goddess Lilith now. To be with us. To bless and protect us. To bring us the knowledge and wisdom we are thirsting for.

Now, I ask each woman here to send your love and respect to Lilith, as you fully open your heart and mind to her visions for you.

These visions are meant to heal you and help you find your true path as a sovereign, truthful and courageous entrepreneur.


“Once I was married to a man named Adam and lived in Eden. In Hebrew his name meant “red” and is a play on the word adamah, which means “earth.” The root of my name is the Hebrew layil meaning “night.”

I have appeared in stories from all over Mesopotamia, Mexico and Europe too.

Through all stories I am the image of snake and tree. I am the direct expression of woman–curves, spirals, roots, ground and the wildness of nature.

I am the Queen of the Night, the material concentration of the Divine energy flow. I sit on the shadow side of Malkuth, the roots of the Kaballah Tree of Life.

You can call me “night demon,” the one who brings lustful dreams. I am the downfall of Patriarchal Slavery. I am the Enlightener and Emancipator.

And, wo/man needs to fall from the airyness of rational thought to the dark, red earth from time to time. This dark soil is meant to restore you to wholeness. I am also the lotus; a flower that grows out of mud: the shit and the decaying substances that you’d prefer to reject so you can fit into society. So you can stay stuck in Eden, an ideal of false perfection.

This you can no longer do.

Refuse to be secondary, subservient and demonized for your desires.

Don’t believe for a second that you are not worthy of being desirous. This is the life force rising like tree sap through your veins.

You are meant to live life on top! You are meant to pull up the dark forces from deep within and fuck the creation of your own Garden of Paradise out of your own being. You are meant to create the true Eden!

I came before Eve and revealed her full splendor to herself through the magic apple of knowledge and truth. As much as I did love Adam, I loved Eve more, as she was my first daughter.

I am the First Mother after all! I am the power of creation, given to me by divine design.”


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  • Delight in life again and feel connected to your soul’s calling & purpose.
  • Believe in the beauty of your desires & ask for what you want without shame or guilt.
  • Feel more relaxed & at ease so you can release self- sabotaging patterns that cause stress & anxiety.
  • Sense deeper peace, softness & feminine strength within.



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