My 2017 Manifesto


{Photo by my dear, uber-talented friend Rachel Sarah Thurston}

Let your life become a temple of love.

Paradise is here now. Grace kisses your forehead, grazes your eyelids and mouth with her parted lips. Taste her honey sweet and sticky, the residue of love that nourishes your body-soul.

You are invited into the purging fire and the cooling waters of the Infinite, with each passionate gesture you unconditionally offer the Beloved.

Commit fully and completely to rapture. Be untamed, wild and raw.

Leave behind the prisons you have built to unlawfully confine yourself.
And, do it without shame.

Move forward with unwavering faith and devotion. Trust. Throw yourself into the fire and rise from your own ashes.

Angels are dancing all around you!

Can you see them and hear them?

Celebrate the courage of your Love.


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