My Buzz Words for 2012: Focus & Opulence


In 2011 I was all over the map. It was a fabulous year of explorations in writing, drumming, dance and facilitating a myriad of workshops.

Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms

Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms

It was also a landmark year: walked away from my half-time email marketing job at Citrix Online, walked at the Commencement to receive my Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute, wrote and recorded my first meditation CD. I enlisted 3 different life coaches to help me keep the faith and stick to my goals.

It was a fabulous year!

2012 is going to be REALLY special and REALLY different!

Although I have some huge goals this year, like getting a literary agent and getting my novel published and on the best-seller lists, I’m much more FOCUSED.

For example, I have 2 BIG projects that I’m spending the majority of my time doing and both are writing projects. (BTW, Fast Pencil is an amazing tool for organizing both fiction and non-fiction books). There are a number of other smaller writing projects that I love, but they will be lightly scheduled in. So, they will gestate, but not get as much time as the BIG 2.

So, to have FOCUS and to PRIORITIZE you have to let go, let die or just let lie fallow all of those beautiful ideas that are not the focus.

It’s downright painful…as described beautifully in an article by Danielle LaPorte.

So, here’s to the PAIN and to living our BIG and FOCUSED dreams!
(without the burnout factor, which I dealt with all of December!)


The Other Buzz Word: OPULENCE

2011 was also the year I dived in deep to work on my prosperity consciousness. It was huge!

I began to tithe, which is a major key to unlocking the windfalls from Heaven. If you have never tithed, it means that you give 10% of every dollar made to a person or organization that has fed you spiritually. I tithed to my coaches, to Agape, to Center of the Heart, Karen Tate who produces Voices of the Sacred Feminine…the list goes on.

Do it if you’ve never done it. And, as Edwene Gaines says, give the Divine Creator [insert name here] 6 months to prove Her/Himself to you. It is powerful and it works because you place your prosperity faith completely on the Invisible and Eternal. Not on your job, your spouse, or your parents.

There are a lot of prosperity teachings floating around out there and my recommendation is to start with Edwene Gaines’ book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”

Opulence surrounds me, is within me, exudes from every pore of my body.

Living in beauty, living by beauty and living with beauty is opulence.

Focus + Opulence = Divine Magic

Sending you big love for 2012 and BEYOND!