My philosophy in 6 words: Play First. Work Later. Innovate More.


“So what does it look like when you apply vacation mind to work? You let go of the anxiety. You aren’t worried about getting it all done, or doing the right thing right now, or all the things you have to do later. You are immersed in enjoying whatever you’ve chosen to do right now.”
—Leo Babauta, “The Practice of Work Mind & Vacation Mind, Simultaneously”

In case you need a Permission Slip to play more (or a lot more perhaps) … here you go!

Play first? Why is that?

From the research that I’ve done, rewards systems do not work. “I’ll play after I get my work done.”

We all know that almost never happens.

Think of play as another approach to work. You come at problems in a new way. Notice the patterns: circular, reverse, zig zag, sideways. Turn things upside down.

Do the opposite of what you’d normally do.

What’s the difference between play and vacation mind?

For our purposes they are not mutually exclusive and yet they are distinct.

Vacation mind = vacate, release, emptying.
Play = presence, engaging oneself, tending to.

Here’s your mantra for the week:

Play first. Work later. Innovate more. (Repeat Often.)

Sending oceans of love your way,


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About Me:

I’m a channel of the sacred feminine, author, archetypal brand strategist and a business & life coach who inspires creative, magical women to embody their unique feminine essence so they can bring in more prosperity, joy and sensuality into their lives.

Once upon a time, I was a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. I once made my employer $1 million with a single newsletter. (Not bad for a goddess-loving, hippy drummer chick.)

I’m devoted to revolutionizing how women heal themselves through the archetypes of the sacred feminine so that they can shine as their authentic selves with ease and grace.

My coaching programs, online courses, live retreats and books inspire women around the world to get turned on and create a life & business filled to the brim with pleasure!

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