Need more inspired ideas? Try my free “Idea Whisperer” workbook.

The Idea Whisperer Workbook, created by Kris Oster, Ph.D

The Idea Whisperer Workbook, created by Kris Oster, Ph.D

Need a Muse to whisper some ideas in your ear?

Enter my Idea Whisperer workbook. Inspiring + fun + actionable + concrete ideas that you dream up with a little prompting from moi.

Come up with golden offerings, brand stories, manifestos, blog and newsletter topics, even Facebook posts!

Download it here for FREE. Forever. (I’ll also update it from time to time to keep it fresh.)

Print it out and re-use again and again. Write your ideas long-hand and use a timer. No more than 10 minutes for each exercise. Brevity breeds lightning creativity and clarity.

And, for those of you local or semi-local to SB…

This is my last retreat for 2012 and I hope you can join us for a day of IMAGINEERING, CO-CREATING And CONNECTING.

Muse Your Way to Business Bliss Retreat.
June 9th, 10:30am-5:00pm

Center of the Heart
487 N. Turnpike Road
Goleta, CA 93111

Facilitated by Kris Oster, Ph.D. & Jo Williams, NIA Blackbelt Instructor.

Your Muse is the revealing reveler of genius. The kiss of a small idea that becomes the revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

Want more juicy content and promotional ideas for your business?

Create your signature offering. Empower your content with
deep branding. CREATE PASSIVE INCOME on the spot.

How are you at birthing new offerings, aka, getting things done?
Awaken the mystic within. Rebirth your business.

Let’s do this . . . the easy & fun way!

What you can expect to get out of this experience:
Extreme clarity about your BRAND and how to integrate this
knowledge with your content by engaging body/mind with your MYTHOLOGY.

You’ll create a solid list of content/product ideas you are
excited to produce.

New marketing initiatives to help launch
and/or repackage the content/products you are creating.

And, a great calendar based on Earth Energy cycles + 12-month to guide you to the finish line.

Come + enjoy some magical, mystical playtime!

Cost: $75. Includes delish Vegan lunch,
snacks and beverages. Five hours of relaxing
+ fun business building. Loosen-you-up
Body Movement + drumming.

Register today and reserve your spot.

Check out some video fabulousness!

Watch the "Muse Your Way to Business Bliss" Video

Watch the "Muse Your Way to Business Bliss" Video