Release Your Mermaid Soul VIRTUAL Retreat: Plunge Into Your Prosperous Business Blueprint



Spend one day luxuriating in your mermaid soul’s essence.


Get your business brain in high gear with my Prosperous Business Blueprint strategy system.

What do Apple, 3M + Pixar have in common? Besides being three of the most consistently profitable companies in the world? They leave space in their budget — and daily operations — for playful experimentation.

Play and reverie are the keys to entering your vacation brain: in vacation mindset ideas and insights flow easily and gracefully.

I’ve designed the Release Your Mermaid Soul Retreat as an ideal launching pad for spiritually minded, super-creative women entrepreneurs who are ready to rebirth their businesses and become even more profitable.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, overbooked, overburdened, or just plain burnt out, this retreat will bring back the passion you once felt for your business.

Because the mystical irony is, when you work less (as in more efficiently) + bliss out more, your most profitable ideas arrive.

photo by r.s.thurston photography

photo by r.s.thurston photography

I know how to play, imagine and dream up BIG revenue-generating ideas. When I worked in the corporate world I created multiple marketing programs that brought in over a million dollars. After my beautiful daughter arrived, I felt sad sitting in my cubicle all day staring at her picture wondering what I was missing. My husband captured her first steps and her first words on video for me while I was at work. Not at all what I had in mind when I decided to become a mother.

I knew there had to be another way. The thought crossed my mind, “Could I work for myself and still make enough money to pay the bills?” I had no idea how to run my own business, but I realized that after 16 years of working for the “man” that my approach to all of my jobs was actually that of an entrepreneur and creative innovator. I knew I had much to learn, but for my daughter’s happiness and mine, I was willing to try.

So, I left my corporate position in 2011.

I forged my entrepreneurial path by turning to my background in mythological studies and depth psychology (I went to grad school and earned my Ph.D while working full time), birthing my mermaid-preneur branding and a suite of services and products designed to uplift women entrepreneurs.

All I can say is that I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented, creative and soulful women on the planet since I took that leap of faith 2 years ago. I am eternally grateful!

Now I live each day in my power and in my element. I wish the same for you.

photo by r.s.thurston photography

photo by r.s.thurston photography

I’m simply here to help you shine like a myth-in-the-making.

If you show up fully and dive into your personal mythology before and during this retreat, you’ll know exactly how to speak to your tribe and will be able to help more people than you can imagine. You’ll be able to plan for a much more profitable and adventurous journey into your entrepreneurial potential in 2013 and 2014.

I’ll show you the tools and techniques and will give you the templates and maps to make it all happen. I’ll be here to support you and push you to the edges of your comfort zone.

When you leave the Release Your Mermaid Soul Retreat you will have a roadmap for the next 4 quarters (Q3 2013- Q2 2014) to soar your business into a space of supernatural growth. You will have more confidence and peace of mind. You will experience a renewed relationship to money and prosperity … and will see the results in your bank account.

It will all be mapped out: revenue path, marketing channels, ideal clients, effective copy … an outline for your signature talk or platinum coaching program. You can choose your focus and I will customize the retreat materials to support exactly what YOU need right now.

And, can you say Mermaid Mastermind without grinning b-i-g? You’ll be in the presence of beautiful, powerful and savvy women entrepreneurs who will be at your side. Applauding you, loving you and being real. Passionate, honest women who will now be members of your pod. (Because mermaids travel in pods along with dolphins and whales.)

Are you ready to DIVE in?

photo by r.s.thurston photography

photo by r.s.thurston photography

Virtual. Enjoy from anywhere in the world!

How we’ll work + play together:

1. We’ll start with a Pre-Retreat Visioning + Strategy Session phone or Skype call
About a week before the retreat we’ll have a 60-minute, in-depth 1:1 Visioning and Strategy session. We’ll start your strategy planning on this call and continue when we’re in person at the retreat. I want you to show up on June 1st feeling excited and ready to begin planning your projects, marketing and revenue path from now into 2014.

We’ll discuss your vision for your ideal creative rhythm, working and living environments and ideal customers you are here on the planet to serve. We’ll talk about offers and the precise language you can tap into to attract your tribe.

This session will be recorded and emailed to you within 48 hours.

2. The DAY. Your retreat starts at 9:30am.
We’ll begin with Goddess yoga, chanting to open our 5th chakras and breathwork.

We’ll dive into your big goals for the year and your big message.

3. Lunch + Relaxation Break.
We’ll take an hour lunch break.

I’ll supply you with a 15 minute Mermaid journey meditation and journaling experience to help you rest your excited mind.

You’ll be ready to dive into the second half of the day feeling rejuvenated!

4. The second half of the day: Your Prosperous Business Blueprint
After we’ve had some great food and mermaid-inspired relaxation, it’s back to work. The second half of the day is typically when we drill down to the details of your Prosperous Business Blueprint. I’ll help you map out all the details of your business strategy.

Areas we’ll cover:

  1. Specific goals and projects broken down for the next four quarters (Q3-Q4 2013 and Q1-Q2 2014)
  2. Your entire website/social media/offline sales network (traffic, list building, sales, etc.). We have to step away from the “sales funnel” concept that is so entrenched in our biz systems. Customers come to you through so many non-linear avenues. Think more of how a DNA helix model works or the neuron networks of your brain.
  3. Your offline business building strategies (along with a schedule of what happens when). Particularly speaking gigs, events and conferences.
  4. Who your ideal client really is (and what they most what to buy)
  5. Get clear on your most effective offers and discuss why you don’t want to have more than 3-5 floating around. We’ll refresh your current and old offers too (We’ll identify all your products and/or services for all price points appropriate for your business.)
  6. How to maximize income (we plan the easiest ways for you to boost your income including upsells, rate increases, increasing the frequency people buy from you, and much more.) I want you to boost your cash flow as soon as possible – starting the Monday after your Retreat experience.

We’ll work hard + smart. There will be plenty of mini-breaks for smoothies and yoga stretches.

Before we depart ways, we’ll have a virtual group ritual to lock in your new business plan and bounteous vision.

5. Follow Up phone or Skype Post-Retreat Clarity Session
A week or two after our Retreat Day you and I will hop on the phone for a 60-minute session to go over any questions and fine-tune your plan. I’m also available for emails and short chats, as you need them.

As you begin to take action on your plan, questions will definitely come up. I’m here for you and honored to be the chosen mentor to guide you along the way.

Who is this retreat for?

Yes, this is for you if you’re looking to power up your business for the next four quarters in 1 DAY! Imagine that! No worrying about how you will have the time to plan your marketing and business development for the year. Setting aside one full day is the perfect, stress-free solution.

And, I’ll be here for you EVERY step of the way.

As far as personalities, Spiritual and Creative Women, Mermaids, Goddesses, Nymphs and Muses are all the perfect fit for this retreat experience. If you are looking for a soulful, embodied and innovative approach to business, based on archetypal psychology, mythology and storytelling, than this is THE Mermaid business retreat you’ve been yearning for.

Investment Options:

$1,000 for a whole day of Mermaid time with me … And I mean at least 6 hours of working time, not including lunch. This is a no-fluff working day where you’ll actually feel accomplished and nurtured.

How it works: You email me and we pick a date for your retreat. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for $500 to reserve the date. I’ll send a second PayPal invoice 4 days before our scheduled date for the balance of $500.

You are also welcome to go through PayPal for financing the entire $1,000 investment.

Your Retreat investment includes stunning Retreat worksheets in digital pdf format, and pre- and post-retreat 1:1 phone sessions.

Complimentary Retreat Consultation

Still not quite sure if this is the right retreat for you?

I want to give you the opportunity to register for a complimentary Retreat Consultation with me to determine if the Release Your Mermaid Soul Retreat is a fit for you. Simply check out my schedule on Timetrade and book yourself for a 15 minute time slot.

Praise for my past events …

Charlotte Cressey“Kris Katsuko Oster is a wise woman with the unique ability to open your heart and soul to your own unique talents and special gifts. She is a multi-talented leader. Her knowledge and experience is rich and covers a broad range of areas: goddess history, myth, healing, feminism, female empowerment, visualization, meditation, shamanism, marketing, entrepreneurship, promoting your business online, website development, and drumming.

I’m always amazed at how her sessions bring me to deep insights that I’d never found when working alone. The best thing about Kris’ work is that she helps you come up with practical ways to implement your insights. We’ve all been to spiritual or self-development workshops feeling inspired only to have our great ideas fizzle out. Kris’ unique ability to help participants integrate the new depths and knowledge into their lives is profound.

What she offers is truly life-changing, uplifting work. She helps you step into your power and use it for good. With her business coaching, she has practical, easy ways to help you ‘get going’ on things you’ve been putting off for far too long. Ever since I discovered her work two years ago, I’ve been signing up for everything she offers because it works. I always walk away from her classes empowered, feeling more connected, more capable, and excited about life! In short, Kris heals, inspires, motivates, and helps her clients move forward on their journey with ease, delight, and fun!”

–Charlotte Cressey,, is an animal rights activist and educator, certified yoga instructor and enthusiast for the many benefits of veganism.

Aparna Khanolkar, The lovely Mistress of Spice“Dear Kris:

Thank you for such a fabulous day of learning and manifesting. I left with so much inspiration and excitement.

The best part of your training was: A sublime mix of soul and mind. To learn to use my heart energy to manifest the opportunities to fulfill my “dharma” and allowing ease and grace to support me is the new way of doing business. Forget pressuring people, forget feeling desperate and stressed out. Connecting to my muse in guided meditation with Kris, right there in the middle of a marketing workshop, was the best possible way to learn the art of being in my true dharma. Kris is paving a new way of doing business.”

–Aparna Khanolkar,, Ayurvedic Consultant & Educator | Co-Founder, Grace, Power and Beauty,

Elizabeth Ann Robinson, RN, CNS, PhD“Kris is clear and grounded in everything she says and does. She is funny, even self-deprecating, which is delightful in that despite her incredibly busy life and the folly that inevitably happens, her presence is always available and her work always of the highest quality and integrity. I like her willingness to go with the flow and follow her keen instincts in what is happening as well as her clear insight into when it is time to set clear boundaries, work hard, and get the job done. The hard work is always well rewarded and generative. Whether it be an important ritual, music, drumming, marketing, writing, it is a life affirming full experience. 

I can highly recommend her Elite + Fabulous Marketing Lab and any content/products she produces. Her music and meditation vision journeys are life changing in that she leaves enough space for your own imagination to create images and figures and surroundings you need in your life at the time of listening. I am extremely eager to read her novel, and to get her next vision journeys and everything that follows.”

Elizabeth Ann Robinson, RN, CNS, PhD
Santa Barbara, California
Author of Soul of the Nurse