No longer a video virgin!


Oh how I love to give advice. Don’t you?

Then you realize, “wow, I haven’t been following my own advice.”


Ok, here is my first posted video of me talking about my upcoming events and offerings. It is so far from perfect, but I still want to post one video every other week.

I promise, they’ll get better!

Here it goes.

Kris’ first video…eeek!
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The brief:

Radiate Your Passionate Inner Business Goddess (for women)
with Special Guest Movement Maven, Charlotte Cressey!

Saturday, May 5, 2012. BELTANE! CINCO DE MAYO!

LOCATION: The Goddess Temple of Orange County, Oshun’s Lounge

TIME: 12:00pm-4:00pm

COST: $99 per woman. Limited to 10 participants. Payment and registration must be sent to Kris in advance. PayPal and personal checks accepted.

What you can expect to get out of this empowering 1/2 day retreat:

  • Extreme clarity about what you need and want to prioritize day-to-day for your business.
  • Solid list of content/product ideas you are dying to produce, plus a calendar of deadlines to guide you to the finish line. Repeat after me: passive income!
  • New marketing initiatives to help launch and/or repackage the content/products you are creating. And, a great calendar to make sure it all happens.
  • Talk about women and money! Men hardly ever hesitate to charge what they think they are worth, yet many women feel uncomfortable about valuing their work in the world. We’ll dispel some myths and get our feminine MOXY on to charge what we are worth!

I’ll serve a delicious Mexican-themed vegan lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and we’ll DIVA OUT with some luscious virgin Piña Coladas!

Prepare for earth-shaking creative eruptions (Pele style) and radical paradigm shifts in your business and livelihood.

And, my fabulous and gorgeous Goddess retreat partner Charlotte will move your bodies as well as your souls with Earth Energy Yoga. Indulge in luxurious movement that connects you with your inner wisdom. Each movement will teach you how to respond to situations with clarity and grace instead of reacting out of fear. These techniques empower you to think, speak, and behave from a place of confidence in alignment with your life’s purpose. Identify what you desire, listen to your body’s wisdom, and you will soar!

Here’s to your success Goddess!

SIGN UP SOON! We have 6 amazing women signed up and we’d love to have more!

Introducing the Muse Sessions.

Come play with the Muse…in you, in me!

Imagine. A fun, one hour session where we dig into your most favorito big idea. Or even something that you saw a speckle of in your mind’s eye this morning. Your Muse wants to be your greatest lover. The revealing reveler of genius. The kiss of a small idea that becomes the revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

Want more juicy content and promotion ideas for your business?

Let’s create your signature offering. Empower your content.

How are you at birthing new offerings, aka, getting things done? Awaken the mystic within. Rebirth your business.

Let’s do this!

Here are the goods you’ll get with your $95 Muse Session:

  1. Pre-session Idea Whisperer Workbook with all the right questions to get the inspiration flowing into concrete, actionable items. Hell Yeah!
  2. One 60-minute mining session over phone or Skype to help you connect with your Muse + pinpoint the desires you wish to manifest in your livelihood. You’ll walk a way with an actionable content/promotion map and manifestation inducing affirmations. If you’d like to focus on a specific project, that’s great. If you have copy or a website that you want me to review during that hour, let me know. This is your time. After our playdate, I’ll send you the mp3 of our session that you can listen to over and over again for continued support and nourishment.
  3. A customized MP3 recording of my mystical voice along with hypnotic drumming, incanting your created affirmations and any channeled information from your Muse to help support your passion-driven goals.
  4. MP3 download of my Magical Imaginings vision journey album to jumpstart your Muse-filled visualizations.


Wishing you and yours a bright and beautiful Beltane!