One question to ask yourself before you dive into another [insert name of shiny new object here].


First, a Prelude and definition.

In my fave all-time book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the Mentor named Melchizedek tells the Hero of the story, named Santiago, that everyone has a Personal Legend and that it is “… what you’ve always wanted to accomplish” since childhood.

Speaking from experience, supernaturally creative entrepreneurs have a tendency to jump on anything that feels like it will solve that gnawing not-enoughness voice that shouts, “you’re not selling enough.” Or doing enough. And the worst one, you are not enough.

This voice blinds you to the truth that you were born ENOUGH. Whole. Complete. You were designed perfectly imperfect.

Right now I’m just going to ask you to STOP.

Stop before you jump into yet another program (that incorporates knowledge you think you can’t live without) or project (that feels like it will save your bank account or your life) …

…and ask yourself one question:

If your only REAL obligation was to realize your Personal Legend, how would you change your business, your brand and your life?

I want you to riff on this question for 5-10 minutes. No lifting your pen off of the page. No censorship.

Does this new shiny object that you’re so ready to devote your precious time and money to fit into your Personal Legend?

This is a great way to navigate the rough waters of confusion and doubt. When you connect with your deepest desire to be of service in the way that Source designed, the path is made clear.

I took on more projects than I could chew lately. I’m deep in the second round of rewrites for my book, Return to Enchantment: Branding with Mythological Archetypes, and I realized I needed to hire more help and set aside more solitude time to devote to completing the book in time for my January launch date.

I had to back out of a few projects I had agreed to do with others and that I had planned for myself. Sacrifices were made.

But, sacrifice means to make something sacred, holy.

The one sacred thing is to realize my Personal Legend. It is to be a writer and share my wisdom on a large scale and in the most sustainable way.

You have my blessing to realize your Personal Legend. Not that you really need it, but just in case.

Turn away from shiny objects that dazzle and lure you down other paths that take you farther away from home; and yet, even if you curve right when you should have turned left, you’ll find your way back to your Personal Legend.

Life has a funny way of doing that.

To your personal journey,


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There are 10 comments on One question to ask yourself before you dive into another [insert name of shiny new object here].

  • I’ve followed a lot of shiny objects and spent what may seem to be a lot of unnecessary money, however, each step has helped to crystallize my thoughts and the dream (personal legend) that I’m reaching for. Each step leads me closer to my goal. I believe the joy is in the journey and I’m finding joy!

  • Chasing those shiny objects was the story of my life the past couple of years. Some were valuable when given time to integrate while the others were very much off on tangents. The other difficulty of chasing too many shiny things is not Listening to what’s appearing and putting others advice above your own inner wisdom.

    Beautifully succinct question to discern the path forward.

    • Thank you so much for commenting Lorraine! And I’ve had a very similar experience to yours. Love what you bring in about listening to others above your own wisdom. You are a sage! xo

  • GREAT post and guidance Kris! I always say our souls are our greatest biz coaches. 🙂

  • Ah yes the old shiny objects, something I’m definitely familiar with!! Love this Personal Legend concept, I have been fighting mine for too long now allowing the distraction of shiny objects to feed a story that life and making money should be hard. That’s changing now thank goodness, enough signs I can’t ignore!

  • Oh man, Kris, you are singing my song with this post. I SO have Shiny Object Syndrome.

    Even a big “Just say NO!” sign stuck to my monitor does not keep me from signing up for ALL THE THINGS, even when I know deep inside that I’m not going to have time to take advantage of them.

    I’m not 100% sure what my personal legend is, but I’m pretty sure it involves speaking – I used to imagine myself on a stage, but online might work every bit as well.

    I’m definitely going to spend some time thinking about this… and if it helps me to say “NO!” to the next shiny object that comes along, so much the better!

    • Thank you Tanja. It’s painful to realize how much I derail myself in many aspects of my life and biz – emotional, financial, physical, spiritual – when I let myself get distracted from what I’m really here to do.

      I’ve had my goal of writing and publishing a book for two years now and I’m trying to stay narrow and focused whilst not shutting myself in a closet.

      It’s all a delicate balance, isn’t it?

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