Planet Sedna + Mer Messages + Burning Questions


Just found an old (2003-2004) article on about the discovery of planet Sedna. She is the ocean goddess of the Inuit. Like many other mermaid myths, Sedna’s features violence and pain; her father chops off her fingers as she’s clinging to the side of his sinking boat. Nice.

She hits rock bottom and then her finger-pieces turn into sea life.

She’s enraged, of course, and is appeased only when her hair is brushed.

Trauma. Drama. Pain.

Most of what has been written about mermaids tells us that they are either dangerous seductresses or self-sacrificing victims. I’m writing my story and documenting my downloads from the mermaids because they are showing me a different picture: mermaids, mer spirits, undines and selkies are protectors of the environment, givers of unconditional love, granters of wishes and helpers of humanity. From my vantage point, mermaids want to help us celebrate and feel fulfilled. It’s time to set the record straight and re-write their story, so intimately connected with our own. We are, after all, the daughters and sons of the Water planet; we are born from our mothers’ wombs after floating and breathing effortlessly in fluid for nine months.

I’m not saying to shut down pain. In fact, I believe we should flow with it. Down and down. Sink to the bottom of it and rise up again. My friend Tamara’s post is beautiful. She says “Sorrow floats.”

What I hope to do in my work is to mine this archetype for its contemporary message. Neptune floated into its native sign Pisces on 2/3/12. The time of the mermaid has come.

What is she whispering to you?

And, now for the Burning Question of the Week…courtesy of Danielle LaPorte.

Your day, kissing, next success, friendships, nervous system, money-making… How do you want it all to feel?

I want my money-making to feel like I delivered organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables to thousands of starving people worldwide. I want my kissing to feel like cool water running from the White Spring in Glastonbury, UK.

How about you?