Pleasure Bomb #44


[pullquote width=”700″ float=”left”]Sleepless nights are not always a bad thing.[/pullquote]

Your #PleasureBomb has arrived…

Along with the June Honey Moon.

And, Jupiter stations direct in Libra after going retrograde in February.

A lot happening with balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. A time of unity.

Relationships of all kinds will go through new levels of healing.

This is a sweet time. Harvest your honey!

Dance. Sing. Celebrate. Balance. Heal.

A Pleasure Bomb is part oracle, part declaration…revealing what lives in the quiet sensual spaces of your Soul.

A Mythic Muse with messages of …

Unconditional love.
Sexy, sexy.

But really?

Pleasure Bomb = Aphrodisiac for your business and life.

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Let Love + Pleasure Rule,
xox Kris


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