Pleasure Bomb #49.


[pullquote width=”700″ float=”left”]Last Gods
by Galway Kinnell

She sits naked on a rock
a few yards out in the water.
He stands on the shore,
also naked, picking blueberries.
She calls. He turns. she opens
her legs showing him her great beauty,
and smiles, a bow of lips
seeming to tie together
the ends of the earth.
Splashing her image
to pieces, he wades out
and stands before her, sunk
to the anklebones in leaf-mush
and bottom-slime—the intimacy
of the geographical. He puts
a berry in its shirt
of mist into her mouth
She swallows it. He puts in another.
She swallows it. Over the lake
two swallows whim, juke jink,
and when one snatches
an insect they both whirl up
and exult. He is swollen
not with ichor but with blood.
She takes him and talks him
more swollen. He kneels, opens
the dark, vertical smile
linking heaven with the underearth
and murmurs her smoothest flesh more smooth.
On top of the rock they join.
somewhere a frog moans, a crow screams.
The hair of their bodies
startles up. They cry
in the tongue of the last gods,
who refused to go,
chose death, and shuddered
in joy and shattered in pieces,
bequeathing their cries
into the human breast. Now in the lake
two faces, floating, see up
a great maternal pine whose branches
open out in all directions
explaining everything.[/pullquote]

A #PleasureBomb is part oracle, part declaration…revealing what lives in the quiet sensual spaces of your Soul.

Your #PleasureBomb has arrived.

Today is Friday, ruled by the love/beauty/sexy/prosperous planet Venus.

A Pleasure Bomb is part oracle, part declaration…revealing what lives in the quiet sensual spaces of your Soul.

I hope that poem leaves you as breathless as it does me.

We are angels anchored into the sensual ecstasy of our bodies. We become the “Last Gods,” as Galway Kinnell calls us in his soul-stirring and breathtaking poem. We can birth a new aspect of ourselves that’s closer to our true nature. And nature tends towards pleasure.

Our modern life of overwork and being in front of computers all day has help build a culture devoid of the sensual pleasures, so essential to our vitality … and our success in business.

Pleasure is Sacred. It is a gift from the Divine.
Claim it!

Let’s share our pleasure, like holy prayers whispered on the wind…to be gathered up by hearts near and far.

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With love, devotion and pleasure unending,
xox Kris


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