Pleasure breaks and WHY I’m taking a newsletter hiatus until August.


Hello Beautiful Soul.

So, the topic of burnout and taking proper breaks has been popping up in my group Higher Ground a lot.

On days that you are working, how do you work in PLEASURE breaks?

Pleasure breaks are not this:
– checking email
– reading posts on Instagram/Facebook/SM
– applying for grants
– doing research on Wikipedia

Basically, ya need to walk away from the computer and phone.

Pleasure breaks are:
– dance breaks
– hot baths or showers (or cold if it’s sweltering hot/humid)
– sensual/sexual play
– meditations
– walks around the block or in nature
– yoga stretches
– run/swim/lift weights/bike ride
– getting up and going to the bathroom!!
– getting up to grab a glass of water or cup of tea/chai/coffee, and a healthy snack

You get the idea.

Your challenge for today is to give yourself a 10 minute break after each hour of work.

4 hours of work = 4 breaks, and so forth.

You will be so much more productive and happier.

And you’ll experience less burnout too.

You can schedule your day in your calendar and set up alarms to go off at 1 hour intervals to remind you to take a break.

I forget to take my pleasure breaks all too often. So, this message is just as much for me as it is for you.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

And, speaking of breaks, I’m going to be newsletter silent until sometime in August. I have been going pedal to the metal for 6 months and during my Summer Biz review I saw that there were a few big project dreams that haven’t been getting fulfilled due to my extremely busy work, mothering and pleasuring schedule. (Yep, Pleasure takes time and needs to be scheduled.)

Still, I’d love to stay in touch with you over the Summer.

Here’s how:

I’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re not following me now, go ahead and do so. I can also see what YOU’RE up to as well.

Join me in Higher Ground. I show up in my group multiple times per week with live group and individual readings, plus I hostess moon rituals and powerful business masterminds 1-2 times per month. Memberships begin at $27/month. Let’s PLAY all summer long! More info HERE.

Join me for one of my live retreats and workshops coming up. I will announce all of my upcoming live events over social media, so just another reminder to follow me and you can get notified.

And, of course my retreat with Demi Fox, Rockstar Priestess, Spellbound in Glastonbury, UK!

The deadline to sign up is August 1st. It will be EPIC. I hope you can join us for this most beloved retreat to fully integrate your Queen power into your business design and marketing. The sacred land of Avalon is a place of deep mysteries and potency. We will ritualize and strategize on a few of the sacred sites there: The Tor, White Spring (where we will have a private, enclosed space for ritual) and Chalice Well.

Sending you waves of LOVE until we meet again. See you again in August!

With love + pleasure,


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