The Power of Animal Medicine


This isn’t a topic I normally write about. And I’m not an expert by any means.

But animal magic and medicine has been flashing in my face for the past two months.

First, I met up with my friend Susan for a very-belated birthday lunch at a yummm vegan restaurant in Westlake Village. I knew she had an affinity with wolves but I didn’t realize she has been deeply involved with a wolf sanctuary here in Acton, California. It is also the first to offer a therapeutic program between troubled teens and wolves.

I immediately felt a connection to Susan that was new. And a desire to see the sanctuary and be near wolves. I plan to donate $10 from each sold copy of Return to Enchantment to Wolf Connection during the book’s pre-launch. More information will roll your way in 2015.

You see, my family once had a hybrid wolf-german shepherd named Tyson (named by my brother who was obsessed with the boxer at the time). I was in love with Tyson. He was so intelligent and affectionate. At the same time he scared the shit out of people because of his size and more slinky demeanor. He walked like a wolf. Not a dog. He looked you right in the eye, fearlessly.

Tyson has moved on to the next world, but after seeing Susan I began to dream about him again. In one of the dreams he was guiding me on an unknown dark path.

After that dream it dawned on me that I needed to have a wolf on the cover of my upcoming book Return to Enchantment. My launch coach and book cover artist, Angie, added a wolf next to the woman on the cover. I didn’t like the fact that she was alone. Now she has an ally at her side.


Because the truth is we are never alone. We are surrounding by beings – animal guides, angels, ancestors, mer spirits, fae and ascended masters. Every success and love that we’ve had over the years didn’t just come through our own making. Everything is a collaboration with the world of the invisible.

The second synchronistic event that happened around the same time was that my friend and writing coach (who inspired me to write Return to Enchantment) Rheba told me about a children’s book she wrote about a german shepherd named Bode.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.07.03 AM

Bode the German Shepherd Visits Berlin is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and print formats. Since the book was written to help raise funds for the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, to support simply click on the rescue’s Amazon Smile link, located on the homepage of their website, then place your order for the book.


All purchases made through this click through link will be used to calculate the proceeds that will go directly to the rescue.

Please support our animal friends on the planet in all ways you can!

Synopsis: An adventurous German Shepherd puppy named Bode travels with his family to from their home in California to Berlin, Germany for a visit with their grandparents. Between exploring the countryside, learning German obedience commands, and meeting relatives, Bode and his siblings explore every chance possible to enjoy their vacation. Bode the German Shepherd is a bilingual book (English and German). It is part of a four book series called “Bode Travels”.

During my 45-day magical business development program, The PLUNGE, I always ask about favorite animals to get a sense of who a person is and where thyey are energetically.

We project aspects of ourselves onto the animals around us and these allies give me vital clues about how to help entrepreneurs best move their businesses forward with ease, power and joy.

Animal Ally Meanings:

DOG: Fidelity, Communication, Protection, Guidance

WOLF: Loyalty, Cunning, Intelligence, Generosity

TURTLE: Order, Stability, Protection, Strength

SHARK: Primal, Instinctive, Depth, Knowing, Calculating

CAT: Astute, Clever, Intelligence, Mysterious, Watchfulness

PEACOCK: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening

Who are your favorite animal allies? How have they helped you throughout your life?

Tell us in the comments below!

Love + mermaid wishes,



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