Divine Femme Power Up Virtual Retreat





Leading Channel of the Sacred Feminine & Archetypal Brand Strategist Kris Seraphine, Ph.D Presents …

Divine Femme Power Up


Ditch the stress, fatigue and hustle with the 3 Goddess Secrets to a luminous life and business in this restorative 2 hour virtual mini-retreat!

In this divine LIVE femme, restorative virtual retreat, I’ll be sharing how I healed & turned-on all areas of my life with the energy of sacred Goddess Pleasure.

I’m done with seeing so many women stressed out, fatigued and overwhelmed in their lives and businesses.

This is your time to rise and take up space, like the LUMINOUS GODDESS you truly are.

In this luscious 2 hour virtual retreat you will:
  1. Learn how to tell new stories and transform trauma into wisdom with your unique medicine and superpowers.
  2. Know and own your power as you connect with who you are and the Divine Feminine.
  3. Fall in love with yourself more than ever.
  4. Release feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus every day, and shift into a CEO Queen who rides the successful train of love, abundance,
    and vibrant health.


Divine Femme Power Up Agenda

Saturday, July 24 10am – 12pm


Part 1:

Mighty Aphrodite

Work Like A Queen & Stop Acting Like The Scullery Maid

Shift from a woman who feels overwhelmed and that she has to do ALL the things into a Queen who places her priorities and pleasure at the forefront of her life. 

You can serve without the servitude!

  • Opening ritual to invoke Aphrodite.
  • Share our intentions – 1 minute each

Part 2:

Loved-Up Lalita

Let Pleasure & Play Be Your Superpowers.

Shift into the woman who honors & cares for her body with joyous delight.

  • Body puja ritual
  • Yoni mudra & meditation to embody Lalita Tripura Sundari “The Beauty of the 3 Worlds”

Part 3:

Lucky Lakshmi

Magnetize Your Desires With Ease & Grace.

Shift into a woman who claims her desires as sacred and follows her heart. 

  • Lakshmi embodiment breathwork
  • Closing ritual to send out our magic for the new cycle & to jump to our new timelines


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