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A Personalized, 6 Month Enchanted Pilgrimage To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Power Source.

Welcome Magical Woman!

Do you know that underneath all the messiness of life you are HOLY? That you are divine starlight?

(Yes, you are literally made from the stuff of stars.)

I’m here to remind you of the fact that you are a sacred, holy, powerful expression of the Feminine Divine here to spread your light on Earth! And, I’m so happy you’re reading about Goddess Illuminated, ready to claim your sacred divinity and abundance!

Are you ready for a magical & mystical encounter with the Goddess who is ready to embrace you?

If you’ve found me and my sacred work, I know there is a Goddess who wishes to be embodied through you and your sacred work. 

Struggling in your life and business just isn’t necessary. If you want to break through the cycle of stress, anxiety and exhaustion, you need to dive deep beneath the surface of the outer world illusions of fear, judgment, limitation and lack consciousness. 

You do not need to be fixed! You are enough. You are everything.

A Goddess that is divinely powerful and limitlessly expansive is waiting to express Herself through you, lifting your life to its highest and most magical potential.

It’s time to liberate yourself, uplift your life and open the doors to divine abundance and deeper connection to your purpose and sacred work.


And, it starts with helping you connect to the source of your power and feminine divinity.

“Kris provided her guidance during a time I needed support and connection to a world beyond work and the mundane self help book, which is not personalized or what I would call ‘juicy’. I was surprised that being gently guided through the coaching sessions, with beautiful readings, stories, tarot and the Spotify playlists along with achievable suggestions, made the difference between thriving or just surviving. 

Working with Kris has reminded me the power integrated femininity can bring to home and work. She has diligently and kindly kept me on track and organized while recognizing the demands I have with a stressful career and full home life. 

Her work is not just for the now, it’s a way of life that can be incorporated into ‘how’ to live one’s life and ‘how’ to view the ever changing landscapes in our lives. I hope everyone is able to spend some time with Kris and learn from the Goddess Illuminated Sessions. I am and will be forever grateful for her work.” 

– Katherine,  Marin County, CA



I’ve been in the business of marketing, writing books, mentoring entrepreneurs and teaching proven methods and strategies for selling services, programs and products for just over 25 years. 

In November of 2001 I lost my job due to sweeping layoffs after the 9/11 tragedy.

I began searching for my purpose because at this point I knew I was off track in my life and career. 

I had an intuitive hit to do a search for travel companies that went to sacred sites around the world. I thought to myself, “I’ll try ‘sacred journeys for women traveling alone’,” and typed that phrase into our friend Google search.

Then a miracle occurred: there was a company named Sacred Journeys For Women! You can’t make this stuff up!! After clicking on their website link I saw all the enticing retreats I could take: Greece, Italy and the UK. 

Another synchronicity: I had just finished reading the novel The Mists of Avalon that afternoon and there on the website was a tour to Glastonbury, UK called The Mists of Avalon Tour!

I signed up that day using a credit card and took a leap of faith. 

It was during this trip in July 2002 that a goddess came forward to claim me. It was Green Tara and I’ll never forget feeling that surge of excitement and awe as I began to feel her around me, and the moments when she entered my body!

Since then, I’ve been in love with all things GODDESS.

And, what I’ve learned in all these years since is that without my connection to the sacred, particularly to the Feminine Divine Essence of the Goddess, I never would have survived the stress, long hours, crazy-ass deadlines that I faced in the corporate world AND as an entrepreneur.

A lot of people have told me they were under the impression that when you leave corporate, 9-to-5 work gets … easier. 

While being an entrepreneur since 2011 has completely freed up my time and given me so much pleasure, abundance and adventure, there are definitely times when I haven’t experienced my work as EASY.

Being an entrepreneur can often be just as stressful as having a steady job working for “the man.” 

Lack of structure & financial stability can really push someone off course and completely off balance! Believe me, whether you are a Corporate Goddess at a 9-to-5 or an Entrepreneurial Empress calling your own shots, there will always be times when you will be called to stretch yourself beyond your limits.

However, when you integrate and embody the Goddess archetype that is most resonant for you, life and business flow much easier. You can step away from the hustle of the mundane world and relax into the arms of a goddess who has claimed you as her own to care and nourish you any time you call her in.

Beautiful Woman, this is a sacred invitation for you to claim your inherent feminine power and release your old, stagnant ways of sabotaging your creativity, energy and joyful experience of life.

“When I heard Kris describe her new work of connecting women with the goddess who wants to work with them for a month at a time, I knew I was in!  In fact, I asked why I hadn’t heard of this sooner as this seemed so potent and juicy.  As someone who spends a lot of my time in the more masculine leaning world of business and numbers, I craved the idea of having a way to connect more with the divine feminine side.  Intrigued, I asked Kris who was wanting to come forward and when she said Pele, I knew I had to dive in.  I love, love, love the curated playlist of music, the unique-to-me rituals and meditations to connect with the goddess, and the unique gifts to connect more deeply. 

I’m finding that illuminating my goddess connection is helping me to honor my femininity, engage more in self-care, and connect more deeply with my intuitive guidance.  And I so enjoy seeing who wants to come forth for the next month and the unique essence of each goddess.  Thank you Kris for this beautiful collaboration with the goddesses!”

– Vivi Shiloh, Montecito, CA


  1. (2x) 1 hour long Goddess channeling and coaching sessions over Zoom. We’ll meet every other week. Sessions are recorded so you can download and cherish them forever. In between sessions you can email me or text for support.
  2. Two custom rituals that I channel directly from your Goddess. I send you her written instructions and you perform magnificent rituals to call in your Goddess for a direct transmission that is meant just for you.
  3. Two channeled audio meditations to connect, activate and relax with your Goddess mentor.
  4. Spotify playlist to listen to throughout your day & during your meditation/connection time with your Goddess. Listen to deeply relax and breathe. So far, this has been one of my clients’ favorite tools to connect in with their personal Divine Feminine Essence.
  5. Body Movement Prayer & Meditation Video that I channel from your Goddess to help move her energy in your body that increases your magnetism for manifestation and improves your flexibility. It’s meant to open your body so you feel good being in it!! It will help you stay present & grounded.
  6. Surprise gifts will come to you in the mail: Essential Oil sprays, artisan teas, perfume, bath salts, candles, crystals … your Goddess will tell me exactly what you need!

It is a deep pleasure & privilege for me to offer Goddess Illuminated to women all over the world who need my help to reconnect with their feminine divinity!

“Kris has been my go-to girl for years and years. I wouldn’t be without her in my corner. Her coaching and belief in me is why I am bold enough to be a practicing priestess on the Internet, doing the work I do today. She sees what I am too scared to see. She believes in me. That support is everything.” 

— Demelza Fox, Founder of The Morgan LeFay Mystery School & Rockstar Priestess



In my day-to-day work since 2002, I have seen first hand that imagination, play, pleasure, somatic dance/body movement along with devotional rituals are key to connecting to your feminine divinity – the source of your power!

I believe every woman can thrive in her life and be on fire with passion and purpose.

I believe every woman can allow herself to receive … soul nourishment, love, abundance, money and anything her heart desires.

When I guide you through the six month Goddess Illuminated journey, you will embody the goddess archetypes and shift your behavior through shifting your perspective. You can solve any conundrum by seeing it through the eyes of your goddess archetype; How would she solve the problem? What would she do and say?

By surrendering your concerns to your goddess, the conundrums and issues you’re experiencing peacefully resolve and answers come to you easily! This is because when you bypass the ego and go straight to the source of your wisdom, everything flows easier and you experience more expansiveness.

Your Goddess chooses you because there is a resonance. She claims you because you are a vessel to bring her essence and energy healing to the world, right here, right now.

“The best part of your coaching was: A sublime mix of soul and mind. To learn to use my heart energy to manifest the opportunities to fulfill my “dharma” and allowing ease and grace to support me is the new way of doing business. Forget pressuring people, forget feeling desperate and stressed out. Connecting to my muse in guided meditation with Kris, right there in the middle of a marketing workshop, was the best possible way to learn the art of being in my true dharma. Kris is paving a new way of doing business.”

– Aparna Khanolkar, Spiritual Mentor

The investment for Goddess Illuminated Illuminated 6 month coaching & strategy is $5,000. A new goddess will step forward for you each month and you’ll receive new rituals, meditations, playlists and movement videos to correspond. We will get your messaging and strategy crystal clear and on point! You will embody your divine message and purpose in the world!

6 Month Coaching Paid in Full: $5,000

6 Month Coaching With Payment Plan: Non-Refundable Deposit of $1,375 and 5 monthly payments of $825. (Total: $5,500)

I look forward to the magic, delight and adventure of working with you and your Goddess!


Kris is an author, archetypal brand strategist, business & life coach and intuitive tarot & astrology reader who inspires creative, magically-inclined entrepreneurs to tell their unique story so they can bring in more clients, customers and prosperity.

She was once a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. She even made her employer $1 million with a single newsletter once.

Kris is dedicated to raising her gorgeous, magical 12 year old daughter and revolutionizing the feminine face of business so that women all over the world can shine as their authentic selves with ease and grace.


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