R A W : Fear.




There are few things that feel more raw than fear.

Humans are hard wired to seek safety + security, often to the detriment of healthy growth and risk-taking.


One question I’ll ask of you …

If your only obligation in life was to be your best self in each moment, how would you act?

  • how would you eat?
  • how would you speak?
  • how would you breathe?
  • how would you love?

How would you move through FEAR?

In business most people only reveal the side of themselves that won’t offend others.

Don’t be too risque. Don’t be too [fill in the blank].

Our business culture has become overwhelmingly bland, flavorless, and ultimately FACELESS.

If you feel called to do something totally different in your biz or marketing, and you get a pit in your stomach because you’re afraid of being wrong, or rejected, or ridiculed, or criticized, DO it.

You still may face the consequences that you fear the most.

But you will undeniably (and perhaps in others’ eyes, inappropriately) be UNFORGETTABLE.


As you move through your fear, make each breath you take a prayer.

My life was upside down for 8 months and I savored air like it was almond milk + honey.

I held back tears. I held back my love + affection.

Fear made me hold everything in. It made me shrink away from my friends and family.


What I needed more than anything was connection. Love. Affection. Tears.

I thought I was being strong. True power comes through gentleness, knowing and vulnerability.

Stay connected and ask for support from the people who love you the most as you move through fear and change.

Ask for more angels and guides to come in and assist you as you make the changes that you are called to do. They will protect you from harsh energies like jealousy and criticism that others may project onto you when you’re in a vulnerable place.

If you don’t ask for help, from the celestial or terrestrial realm, no one can will come to your aid.

Be raw + vulnerable and watch the GRACE unfold in your life.


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