The Rules of Enchantment in your business are set by YOU.


Hello! I’m feeling relieved that Merc Retro is now over and excited to be illuminated by the full moon in psychic-intuitive, sensitive and artistic Pisces.

Today, I’m still in my SPELLBOUND retreat creation and planning mode.

Here’s another excerpt from my book Return to Enchantment about BE-ing the Sovereign of your business.


When it comes to being fulfilled as an entrepreneur we need to begin at SOVEREIGNTY.

Before we dive into the qualities of the Sovereign, I want to clarify its function: this archetype is the vision holder and boundary setter for its Queendom or Kingdom. The king or queen makes the final decisions in all matters that are related to the vision and safety of the realm.

Let’s be clear: the Sovereign is not a manager. Sovereigns do not manage people or enforce boundaries. That is a manager’s job.

There are many managers but only ONE sovereign.

As the Sovereign of your realm, keep this in mind. When you begin to micromanage and do everything in your business out of guilt or habit, STOP. Focus on the growth and nourishment of your vision. If you neglect this aspect of your business, get ready for burnout. Your business’ growth will be stunted too.

Your actions will not be inspired by the vision your business holds; you’ll just be going through the motions of acting like an entrepreneur. (Or what you’ve been told an entrepreneur “should” be doing.)
Being an entrepreneur is another ballgame altogether.

Many of us are confronted with is the need to wear many hats in our businesses. Without the income to hire a project manager or virtual assistant we have to take on the roles and tasks of many people. I deal with this by creating a regularly scheduled day for visioning the future of my business and reflecting on important decisions.

Monday is ruled by the moon and is perfect for visioning and reflecting. I set aside that day to do this aspect of my work. I am Sovereign on Mondays. I take no clients on this day. It’s mine.

Choose a day and time to act as the Sovereign of your realm. Protect this space and be in it consistently. is will help you feel connected to the Soul of your business and help prevent overwhelm.

“Should I follow the rules or follow my heart?” is a question I’ve asked myself many times throughout my life.

Give yourself permission to be sovereign over your own life and business. I know this sounds totally cray-cray, but we often wait for someone to give us permission… to set our own rates, working hours and decide how often to send our newsletter.

I certainly don’t think of myself as a rule breaker kind of a gal. I like to follow trusted and tried wisdom. The mystic priestess within allows me to enjoy conversing with spiritual guides to help me through this labyrinth of entrepreneurship. My guides are mostly elemental in nature—fae and mer in particular—but I’ve had breakthroughs come from my Angels, Nemetona, Yemaya and Morgen.
(Nemetona is the Goddess of Sacred Groves, Yemaya is the Mother of Unconditional Love and is the ocean itself. Morgen is the Sovereign Lady of Avalon.)

I create my own rituals, rules and regulations in accordance with my body’s and the Earth’s energies. I would love for you to do the same. Being an entrepreneur shouldn’t mean having to work yourself into ill health and exhaustion.

After leaving my corporate life in 2011, I found that I became frustrated with the self-employment systems I put in place. I felt like a prisoner in my self-made cell of continuous blogging, networking, marketing and emailing. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually spent.

And I wasn’t seeing immediate results that I expected from all of my hard work.

But there was a hell of a lot going on under the surface.

At some point, without realizing it, my numbers doubled on Twitter and Facebook and my newsletter list tripled. The moolah was increasing too. My gross revenue increased 400% from 2012 to 2013!

Every offering needed many, many hours of marketing work: running campaigns, drafting the “perfect” sales page, planning and writing three or more corresponding blog posts and at least one dedicated email, two or three videos, four or more short Tweetables…the list goes on and on.


And when our results (sales, likes, tweets, signups) don’t match our expectations, we tend to throw it all back on ourselves:
“What did I do wrong?”
“I didn’t start promoting soon enough.”
“I can’t do this right.”
“I’m terrible at marketing/promoting.”
“No one has money/can afford to pay.”
“No one wants what I have to offer.”
“My sales page was off.”
“I looked like a jackass in my videos.”

All of these stories in our minds are exactly that, stories. It’s time to stop beating ourselves up over things we have absolutely 0% control over, such as how many people sign up for our eCourses.

There’s one thing we have 100% control over: we can always tell a new story.

Your brand contains a story: a narrative that has multiple themes and usually more than one core message. It can be complex or it can be simple.

Your brand and your marketing reflect the stories you love and consciously or unconsciously live by.

Becoming more conscious of the archetypal energy behind everything you experience not only brings more meaning to what you do, but also helps others CONNECT to that meaning. They will hire you and buy your products and services based on feeling a resonance with you (which is to say, your brand).

Yes, it’s time to kneel at the altar of You. More specifically, a sovereign, sassy and playful you.

We are given plenty of opportunities to consider how to “improve” ourselves, our marketing and our sales.

But there is no such thing as perfecting the Soul.

You emerged from your mother’s womb whole and spectacular, filled with limitless possibilities. You are perfection.

You are as vast as the widest and deepest sea. Just the thought of our big-ness makes us all the more humble.

The fact that there is only one of you in all of space and time makes your brand all the more rare and exquisite.

Take a deep breath right now and celebrate that!

When you pray and/or meditate as you’re working through this chapter, kneel. Place your forehead on the ground. Feel your spaces open wide to celebration.

Every time you celebrate and honor your being, you empty out the old and allow in the new.

Cultivate deep humility at the altar of your Soul.

Let the Sovereign of you, in whatever form, show itself.

Today (Weds. September 6, 2017) Demi and I are reopening registration for SPELLBOUND: A Bewitching Biz Retreat in Avalon! We have 6 amazing women signed up and we can fit 2-3 more.

We will close registration again on Saturday September 9th. If you are feeling totally excited and turned on by the idea of working on your marketing/book projects in the midst of one of the world’s most powerful, sacred and romantic landscapes, by all means please DIVE IN.

Hope to see you there Magic Maker!


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