SHEroes and Moon Cycles, An Interview with Rebecca Kane


I was fortunate to meet the lovely Rebecca Kane when she enrolled in my course ENCHANT YOUR BRAND.

Originally we tried to do this interview LIVE on Blab. But Mercury Retrograde had other plans!

But we don’t let technology stop us from our Super SHEro moves, now do we?!!

I’m sure you’ll learn to love her as much as I do …. now, onto the interview.

What is a SHEro?

My definition of a SHEro is ‘a woman who strives to consciously create her own life, by making choices that honour her energy, values and feelings.’

It sounds very simple, but actually it can be quite hard to do in this day and age, when the emphasis has been on the idea that women should put other people first, that she should be a carer and nurturer of others. So when a woman decides that she wants to prioritise, or meet her own needs, she can often feel guilty or selfish.

When in fact looking after herself, doesn’t mean that she stops caring for others, it means that she values herself as much as the other people in her life.

A SHEro is a woman who listens to her inner voice, and is learning to trust her own inner wisdom and authority.

Give us an example of one part of the SHEro’s journey through a story or fairytale.

The first character that springs to mind is Dorothy from the Wizard of oz.


Dorothy follows the typical path of the SHEro. She has a call to adventure, faces ordeals and challenges, is transformed by her experiences and then returns home wiser.
The story starts with Dorothy at home, longing for more. She feels like she doesn’t belong in her small town in Kansas.

She feels the Call to adventure to go somewhere where she’s more understood, and she wants to explore what’s over the rainbow…

She then of course encounters the tornado and gets what she’d been longing for, as she lands in Oz and starts her adventure – which is to return home.
Dorothy’s story continues full circle as she makes possibly the most famous return home.

dorothy-1After all of her searching, the challenges and ordeals she faced and the friends she made along the way, she discovers that she’s had what she’s been looking for the entire time.
The power to get home was only ever a click of the heels, of her beautiful red shoes, away.

I love this story as it mirrors so many stories of my clients. Often they feel a longing for something more, they feel their soul awakening and are searching far away ‘over the rainbow’ for their passions and purpose, perhaps they have also been looking to other people for inspiration or for the answers. When actually if they allow themselves the space and time, they realise that just like Dorothy, they too have always had the answers and the power to find their way home.

Why is it important for women to look at their SHEro’s journey, rather than the “hero’s” journey?’

Often when we read tales of the hero’s journey it’s about men facing mythical beasts and slaying them, or taking down a villain, which of course a woman could do too.

However I feel that the SHEro’s journey is more about slaying our own inner beasts, and overcoming our inner villains of self-doubt, or thinking that we’re not good enough, that we should be doing something else, that we’re not achieving enough or that it’s selfish to put our own needs first.

We live in a world where the true power of a woman has been supressed and often denied for so long, that many woman have lost touch or forgotten how to access and trust her own inner wisdom – often looking to others for guidance or for the answers, or even approval.

But there’s no denying that the Divine Feminine, is beginning to awaken and rise up.

For a women to claim her power, to live an empowered life, she often has few, or no, role models to show her how to take this journey or no-one to support her or even understand why she wants to take this journey.

This emergence of a woman who says yes to herself and no to others can be intimidating, and people can often react by trying to put a woman ‘back in her place’ so to speak.

The SHEro’s journey is all about navigating these obstacles so that you can come home to your true self and discover and embody your sacred truth and inner wisdom, without being pushed off-track by other people who may not understand the journey.

How do the moon cycles fit into the SHEro’s journey?

I love the moon!

The Moon and the SHEro’s journey both follow a clear pattern and journey.

The SHEro’s journey fits perfectly into the same energetic ebb and flow of the moons 29.5 day lunation.

Of course not many people complete their SHEro’s journey in 29 days – that would be exhausting! But you can use the energy of the different phases of the moon to support your journey.

For example, as the moon starts to reappear in our skies after the new moon, the energy starts to increase, you may find that you have more energy and you are ‘Called to Adventure’.

As the energy continues to rise as we move towards the full moon, on your SHEro’s journey, this would be the time to face your biggest obstacles and challenges. Harness this increase in energy to get things done.

And then as the moon moves back into darkness this is the time to start to reflect and rest – not the time to be slaying dragons, it is the time to start the journey to return home.

As we return to the new moon you are most deeply connected to your intuition, it’s time to dream and plan, you can leave the action for a few days and have a rest, as you start to plan your next ‘Call to Adventure’.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

On the 24th January we start the adventure, Your SHEro’s Journey.

It’s a 28-day healing journey to release the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back.

By ditching all of the baggage of the past, such as old patterns of behaviour and outdated stories that you tell yourself, you can embark and navigate your own SHEro’s Journey, the one that you want to take, with confidence and ease.

You can join Rebecca’s next adventure by visiting her website:

I hope you sign up, because I did! The more friends the merrier, I say!

About the lovely Rebecca Kane:

Rebecca-Kane-495x400Like Mary Poppins, Rebecca helps women remove the restrictions on their life, and takes them on the most magical adventure.

She clears the path, so that they can know and live their sacred purpose.

Rebecca’s work is most needed at times of transition or after a major transformation has occurred and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of her life, a woman can come and be held in her whole truth, in full acceptance, ready to embark on the next chapter of her life.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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