Someday you may meet a short stranger.


Today I needed some comic relief, and since I’m in memoir-writing mode the past has been flooding my mind, heart and soul.

Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions has just hit the shelves and I received my copy early this morning in the mail. Yep, I was a pre-order smarty pants.

Danielle is a mystic, without the wooo. In a video interview with her girlfrien’ Marie Forleo, Danielle talked about the power of visualization in her livelihood.

She makes a strong point that in order to materialize the goodness in your heart and imagination, you must visualize the end product.

This is not about a possible future, or “maybe it might happen if I’m lucky” sort of thinking. This is about the certainty you feel that the ideal you see in your mind’s eye is real. You can breathe into that knowing and the structures, strategies and resources begin to show up. And, you also have to do the work that your Muse is asking you to show up for. Manifestation is a two-way street.

I’ve been known to float in and out of woo-ness and have done a lot of research and different practices based on alchemy, the Kaballah, esoteric magic, earth-based spirituality and lots of teachings by Doreen Virtue.

I find that when I visualize done, things mysteriously fall into place or I may stub my toe and when I scream “Shit!” and look down at the ground I’ll see a message.

Now for the comedic memory that surfaced from this discussion:

Once, I picked a fortune at Chinese restaurant in LA that said, “You will soon meet a short stranger.” I am not lying!
I thought for sure it had to be a typo! My friends and I laughed our asses off for about 10 minutes. I’d been looking for a love relationship and was online dating. All of the services were matching me up with a lot of guys that were shorter than me! (especially all the guys that eHarmony was trying to set me up with)


Mini-Me, quite the suave guy in spite of his height.

This is true, I SWEAR––later that day I got into an elevator at E! Entertainment Television where I was working at the time and about two floors later the doors opened. The little guy from Austin Powers, Mini-Me, walked into the elevator and began to hit on me! He asked me to press the button for the floor he needed, he couldn’t reach it. He wasn’t shy at all. He looked me straight in the eye with the most devilish sexy smile I had seen in a long time.

I remember thinking to myself, “What the hell have I been visualizing/affirming?”

That I’ll attract a ‘little’ love?

Be careful what you visualize as done. You’ll get it!

What are you visualizing as done for yourself and your biz this year (fer reals!)? Leave your comments below.

With a little love + gratitude,