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Welcome, magical one.

Here’s what you need to know:

My website’s full of business, marketing + branding wisdom for supernaturally creative merfolk.
As I’m sure you can already tell, it’s also full of mythology, mysticism, music and unbound imagination.

You’ll hear me talk about crafting compelling newsletters, cultivating connections with new customers, and tripling your mailing list.

You’ll also hear me talk about mers, faes, goddesses, sprites, unicorns and angels.


It’s all connected. Trust me.

Because we live in a world where the line between myth + reality is permeable.
And the better we understand the universal archetypes that permeate our consciousness —
the Seductive Siren, the Vengeful God, the Loving Earth-Mama, the Mischievous Imp — the better we can understand our customers’ evolving motivations, needs + desires …
as well as our own.

I’m here to serve as a healer + mentor for people who believe that magic is real, that money is sacred, and that building (or reinventing) a business should feel like bliss.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your creative + spiritually-centered business, or bring an imaginative spark back into your corporate department, I’ve got strategies to share …
and stories to tell.


The Goddess Guide to Business Bliss is the perfect guide to help you create moan-worthy content. At just over 150 pages long … and filled to the brim with content, branding and promotion worksheets, writing prompts and timeless wisdom from Goddess entrepreneurs like Danielle LaPorte, Alexandra Franzen, Tanya Geisler, Michelle Ward, Shenee Howard and more.

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Become a living legend. Summon your dream clients with your unique Siren’s song.

When you reveal your true voice in your marketing, powerful forces come into play on your behalf. Synchronicities pop up everywhere … magical opportunities, chance meetings and dates with destiny become the norm.

: Choose from one of my beloved programs :: I’m currently booked out but will be available again in mid-June 2015.

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my top four most popular musings, of all time.

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my fave guest posts.

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soon-to-be-released book, Return to Enchantment: Branding for Mythological Archetypes.

my Crystal Cave of Mermaid, Pathworking + Chakra Meditations.

My Life as a Mermaid – my memoir in the making. It’s the (mostly true) story of my life as a rock ‘n roll drummer’s daughter — a girl with supernatural gifts + celestial sensitivities.

Enjoy your voyage around my website.
Sending conga beats + blessings, to guide the way …