Subtraction is Sexy.



Hi Love,

you may be wondering what articles of clothing I’m going to ask you to remove….
alas, no. I’m not talking about a strip-tease.

At least not today.

The kind of subtraction I’m talking about has to do with intense, sweaty and heart-pounding … focus.

“Creativity is subtraction.” –Austin Kleon

This year I committed to PLEASURE.

Sharing my vulnerability and releasing limiting inhibitions are also at the top of the list because they are the precursors to pleasure. For years, I’ve heard from my clients that when they focus on their branding, visibility issues arise and they feel more vulnerable. And, they always follow this with a personal story about the sexual inhibitions they experience.

Branding authentically leads to vulnerability. We immediately feel exposed when we tell the world who we really are.

So, in the spirit of “less is more” …

This year I’ve removed programs, services and Facebook groups in order to create sexy space for all of the new obscene delicacies I have planned for you.

I’m closing my first Facebook group, The Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle, on May 15th to make room for my upcoming Return to Enchantment BOOK CLUB.

I’m throwing away my well-loved first ever signature service, The Plunge, that I’ve been offering since 2012, to create an opening for my all new brand immersion 1:1 service that makes me quiver with excitement – and has been successfully tested with 6 clients.

I subtracted my annual mermaid retreat in Santa Barbara this year so I could offer Mermaids in Vegas – the ultimate getaway in October.

I’m hostessing a writing retreat in June where we’ll all be working on our own projects that turn us on.

My assignment between now and then is to list everything on my plate and strip away even more irrelevant, non-pleasure related projects, plans and ideas.

Here’s the simple system I’m using to get uber focused for the rest of the year:

  1. What project/s would feel like Christmas Morning to create and deliver?
  2. Is it something that I’m DYING to create/do/be AND my audience needs?

    If questions #1 and #2 = “No” or doesn’t = “Hell Yes!” the project in question will get the ax. Ruthless removal.

    Imagine wearing 6 layers of clothes! No one can see or experience you in your raw, real beauty.

    Allow the breeze to caress your bare skin – imagine such an eruption of creativity that you have never experienced before!!

    I challenge you to do away with three or more old and moldy classes, programs, groups, and activities this week.

    And, then, remove a few pieces of clothing too. Look in a mirror and drink up all that naked hotness staring back at you.

    Are you in?

    With a love supreme,


    P.S. Strip your brand down to it’s most beguiling features with my 5-day playshop, PLEASURE YOURSELF. Coming in January 2016.


    There are 4 comments on Subtraction is Sexy.

    • Gorgeous Mermaid,

      I’m in the process of de-cluttering my services and offerings to make room for truly SPARK-alicious offerings.

      1. First to go: My Effortless Empress Eloquence program (which is quite frankly, outdated and no longer fun, for me).

      2. Next voted off pleasure island is the shop. I’ve decided to make these mini SPARK guides free… for my subscribers. Yay!

      3. And last to go is my website copy for just anyone service. I’m going to add another level of boundaries about whom I work with + what projects I take on, because this year is all about ME + honouring the pleasure I have on my island. 🙂

      • Hurray Gorgeous Mermaid Monika! Love hearing this and have loved seeing all of your pleasurable travel photos on FB.

        And your fans will obviously be cheering for #2!

        See you soon in the virtual world!

        All my love,


    • I love this! (and wow – you’ve got some exciting things up your fishtail).

      I don’t have any offerings I want to take off my site right now *but* I’m going to spend some time listing everything on my plate and see what I can do away with. Because the thought of that feels delightfully good.

      Happy book signing tonight! Woohoo!

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