It’s that gorgeous boss babe on Instagram who has a style that attracts thousands of admirers.

Or … a famous writer with a wit and intelligence so brilliant that you devour everything she writes.

Perhaps, she is a celebrity who can launch gold, even platinum, sales upwards of 500k or a million, the week her new album is released.

They seem like Unicorns. They feel untouchable. And, boy do they have imitators!

Then the comparison begins. Then the shrinking.

If you look at these brilliant, successful and powerful women, you will see they all have something in common that is invisible to the eye.

They walk into a room and rearrange the molecules with their presence. When they open their mouths to speak everyone shuts up and listens. Their fans clamor to soak up every bit of their star-shine radiance.

Believe me, it’s not just about looks. Yes, there are extremely beautiful people walking around in the world, but their good looks aren’t the key to their allurement.

I have three words to reveal what this special god/dess-sauce is: take up space.

That’s it. Take up space.

You are no different from any of these people. What if you simply decide RIGHT NOW that you are the Cat’s Meow? (Or the Unicorn’s Horn?)

A decision to respect, honor and love yourself, as you are, has nothing to do with anyone else.

You are the only one with the power to decide the outcome of your happiness, bliss and fulfillment.

Before you deliver the book talk, go live on Facebook, walk into the party … decide to take up space.

You matter. You are carrying the energy to shift other Souls just by being yourself and showing up.

It’s more than “bigness” or “smallness” too. When you take up space, you’re saying, “I’m beautiful,” with your energy.

Notice how the people in the room turn to look at you. They smile. They feel your self-love flowing out to them too!

Close your eyes. Think of an affirmative phrase that feels juicy to you, like:
“I’m worthy.”
“I’m hot.”
“I’m in love with who I am.”

You’re a mirror. When people see you looking beautiful, worthy, hot and in love with yourself, they see their own reflection! I’m sure they see you too, but you know how the mind works.

If someone needs you to “turn down the volume,” that person is not for you. Keep walking in your direction, your way.

That’s the first gem I’ve got for you this week.

And, I’ve just opened my new 6-week mastermind, Venus Soaked Business to the public after a private invite went out about two weeks ago. (5 spots are filled already and I’m planning to enroll just 10-12 entrepreneurs.)

Venus ain’t no fluffball. Venus is fierce. She is uncompromising and unrelenting. She is a wild and powerful Initiatrix that turns princesses into queens, and princes into kings.

Pleasure is not for the fainthearted. You will be tested, tried and tantalized.

If you’re ready to take up space as the badass entrepreneur you know you are meant to be, this just may be the miracle mastermind you’ve been waiting for.

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