Are you truly telling people what you have to offer?


Here’s a typical conversation I have with nearly every client or potential customer who comes to me for marketing help.

“How are your sales?”

“Nonexistent,” they quickly reply. (Often they will try to change the subject here.)

Then I always ask the same question:
“Are you telling people about your [free opt in/product/service/book/program]?”

They reply:
“Well … sometimes.”

I ask one more question:
“Do you consistently send newsletters and post on Facebook/social media?”

They say:

I know as you’re reading this you’re thinking this is soooo obvious. It is, and that’s why consistent marketing is the often overlooked component of successful sales.

The truth is so many of us still hide our light, which in many cases includes not telling the world about all that we have to offer.

We are heading into Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a time of radiating and shining your light. It’s close to Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. But, the message remains the same.

Let me tell you a story. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

Myth of Amaterasu

One of the most powerful solar goddesses, Amaterasu, has dominated Japanese Shinto belief for centuries. (Other sun goddesses across the globe include Saule/Baltic, Sulis/Celtic Roman, Cybele/Mediterranean, and Sekhmet/Egyptian)

Her shrine was first built in Ise in the 7th century AD and is rebuilt every 21 years in the same spot, in exactly the same form.

Short version of her myth:

She is born of the primordial couple and is so bright that they place her in the sky as the Sun.

Amaterasu’s brother, the god of war, goes on a destructive rampage where he desecrates her quarters with his excrement.

As she looks down at the havoc, horrified, her brother pierces her with a spindle shaft. The metaphor of a spindle penetrating her represents the violation of rape.

Amaterasu retreats to a cave to hide out of shame, disgust and fear.

Her absence makes the world dark and cold, funereal. To woo her out of her cave, 800 deities decorate a tree with jewels, ribbons and mirrors and place it at the mouth of the cave, along with a large copper mirror fashioned by the smith goddess.

The shaman named no-Uzume, goddess of jollity, then performs a dance intended to restore the earth’s fundamental energies. As the dance of the shaman grows more frenetic, she begins to undress and make jokes. In some myths she has the body of an old wrinkled woman who jiggles around her deflated breasts and stretches open her crinkly, ages old vagina!

The gods begin laughing so loudly that Amaterasu comes out of the cave to see what is going on. She catches her reflection in the copper mirror and is dazzled by her own radiance.

Amaterasu returns to the world, brings back the light and banishes her brother.

Be like Amaterasu. Come out of your dark cave and shine like the sun.

Here are just a few tangible steps you can take today to increase your sales:

1.Share your passions. Talk about all those things that you love, that turn you on with all the people you come across in the physical world and the digital one. Passion is a great place to start because you generate heat. You invite others into participation with this energy you’re emanating. Believe me, people want to be a part of that!

2. Share your latest piece of work. This is going to be different for each of you. It can be talking about the new blog you just posted or a new service you are ready to birth into the world … and get these goodies on your website so you can tell people where to go to find out more because they will be interested and curious. Don’t let all those yummy passionate feelings go to waste!

3. Ask about their needs. “What do you need support/help with right now?” People remember those times when you reached out a helping hand. Can you connect their need to something you have to offer? Yes? Then explain the details from step #2 – how they can buy that help from you. If they don’t have a need that matches what you have to offer, you can still work with them. Think of someone you know that can help them. Possibly months or years down the road they will remember your referral and good advice … and they will remember what you have to offer! Either they will come back to work with you when they need your services and/or they will send their friends to you. Always look for the win-win situation in each encounter.

Do the previous steps consistently 3 times per week. You will see a rise in sales and/or newsletter opt ins quickly.


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