What is your BIG vision?


“A vision isn’t just a picture of what could be; it’s an appeal to our better selves.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

I am here to revolutionize the feminine face of business.

Everything I create is geared to help women business owners (and a few men who show up) obtain business mastery to create influence, effectively communicate their big visions and elevate the lives of others through their products and services.

Higher Ground is my main offering, it’s my day job.

No one I have seen has created a high-touch program at a lower cost point successfully as far as I can tell. Most low cost business coaching groups are automated with one live call per month.

In my group we have 2 mastermind calls per month, weekly tarot readings, new moon and full moon group rituals and a monthly marketing or branding workshop. That’s 8-9 LIVE virtual gatherings per month.

No one is giving LIVE, individualized tarot and chart readings in their Facebook groups, plus all these live events for $97/month!

Entrepreneurs need this kind of accountability, support, business education and marketing strategy on a consistent basis, regardless of their salary or monthly profits.

What do you believe in?

I believe that each of us can thrive in this economic environment by changing how we perceive success and prosperity.

The more sustainable and streamlined you can make your business, the more available you will be to the creative life force within. And you will be successful on your own terms.

Why are you in business beyond profits?

I want to see more women changing the world through their products and services and getting awarded for it.

Our society rejects powerful women and wants to diminish feminine power.

What vision of the world are you committed to making a reality?

I’ve seen too many women get squashed when they step out into the light to be seen.

I want to remind them of their value, brilliance and resilience. I want to uplift them and help them get back up on their feet.

And, it’s not just about men repressing women; women repress other women all the time. Women need to stop cutting each other down!

Each woman paves the way for the woman behind her, making her successor’s rise easier.

We live in a hyper-masculinized culture that devalues anything to do with feminine power.

Remember, you are enough.

You don’t need to overwork yourself into dangerously, unhealthy exhaustion to prove your worth.

How do you want to inspire others? Share your big vision in the comments below.

Are you getting the support you need to offer your gifts to the world?

Come join me and other incredible women business owners on our quest to revolutionize the feminine face of business!

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