When it’s hard to believe in yourself … believe harder!


What I love about fully inhabiting our sensuality and our sexual, life force energy, is that we CAN create anything from this place. It’s that powerful.

Why is it so hard to believe that you can create a million dollar business which helps countless people, all over the world … when you already believe in fairies, angels, mer beings, a higher power, and the connecting energy of the universe? All of these things are invisible like that million dollar business you are imagining.

What do you want more than anything else?

Do you really believe with your whole being that you can be, have or do this thing?

When you are in doubt and distrust your dreaming self, you aren’t in your body. Think about how you feel when you’re feeling confused, doubtful and fearful. You’re not feeling much of anything, right? Because you are totally in your head. Disassociated. Lost and drifting.

The worst case scenario (yes, I tend to go to that place a lot) is that you’ll die before your dream comes true. Regardless if you “make it” or not, don’t you think that whatever you create would still be beneficial for your heirs, your future children and grandchildren, for future generations, and for humanity?

Think of all of the artists, great inventors and philosophers who probably had zero, or very little, fame and riches during their lifetime, but their work has changed the face of civilizations. What they conceived of in their imaginations has touched our lives, inspiring us to be more and love more.

Do you think they’re off in some dimension feeling sorry for themselves, saying to themselves that they were failures? Hell no! They are having a big old party somewhere, knowing they created something of extreme beauty. So when you feel like you can’t do something, and you can no longer believe it’s something that’s possible for you, believe anyways! Do it anyways!

Shine. Believe in your dream. Believe that it’s yours right now, because it is.

If you keep training your brain to follow this track, it will materialize in the physical world. You don’t know how long it will take or when it will happen, but it will happen. Keep shining and never give up.

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