Wordsmithing + Brand Strategy Packages

After working with hundreds of soulful + creative entrepreneurs since 2011, I help small business owners and CEO’s alike create more provocative brands with my unforgettable wordsmithing and strategic positioning + strategies.

The results are nothing less than superb: sales doubled in 60 days or less and newsletter signups tripled in just under 3 months. Businesses soaked through and through with pleasure.

We work together to get uber clear on the archetypal resonances you bring to your brand and I help you write on-brand copy for your website, blog, newsletters and/or social media.

My job: help you sound like the amazing miracle machine that you are with copy that speaks directly to your perfect-fit clients and customers. They will feel heard and understood. And they will BUY.

How this all shakes down:

  • We meet first for 1 hour over Zoom or phone, your preference, so I know just the right language to attract your dream clients.
  • We evaluate where you need the most help: your website, newsletter, taglines, social media, list building, blog/content. We’ll go through it all!
  • I give you a straight ahead marketing plan of action. I’ll write effective copy for you that will drive sales.

Pick your POTION:

“Marketing, Branding + Mermaids, Oh My!” Option ($1,700) : Marketing magic. Business direction. Imaginative branding. A 30-Day, one-on-one plunge into your supernatural potential. For women + men + mermaids. (Discount for actual mermaids.). To learn more about my ORIGINAL Archetypal Branding Service, THE PLUNGE, CLICK HERE.

“Straight Up Marketing Strategy + Copywriting” Options (Starts at $1,500) : A strong brew for the business owner who desires to rebuild their brand from the ground up or needs help creating marketing content. I have a foundational marketing package and a

Get Your Strategy On: Foundational Marketing Package

This package is for entrepreneurs and businesses that want a content marketing strategy laid out and need support creating content. Package includes copywriting and marketing strategy, but does not include graphic design services.

We will meet once per week for 30 minutes over Zoom until the content is completed.

The process takes 4-6 weeks to complete and have you up and running.

Fee: $1,500.

The blow-by-blow itinerary of our marketing foundation building:


First Deep Dive Meeting (approx 1.5 hours): I’ll ask you a lot of questions and give you the beginning analysis for your brand strategy. We’ll talk about how to move your brand out into the world in the most unique and effective expressions to attract your first wave customers and clients.

We’ll talk about your brand themes and archetypes and how to make them more clear

 on your website, social media, etc. The themes and archetypal resonances will drive the content strategy for your retreats, workshops, speaking engagements and marketing content across all media formats. We’ll be going for coherence in all of your messaging.

This meeting also helps me get clear on your voice so I can begin writing content.

I’ll create a private Pinterest board with brand inspiration – colors, fonts, images that evoke your brand. This can help guide the archetypal resonances (emotional connection) that will attract the ideal customers and clients to your offers.


I’ll send you the first written drafts of “Home,” “About,” and “Services*” pages for your website. You will review and we will collaborate on the finished product.

If you have pre-written content for some of your services, classes, workshops and retreats, this package includes an audit with potential changes you can make to the copy and design to increase their effectiveness in generating new clients and increased sales.

We will begin the process of strategizing the perfect Opt-In (freebie/gift) for your newsletter.

*Each entrepreneur has different services and products to offer. This package applies to 2 different landing/sales pages for two of your offers. Additional sales pages can be drafted at $100/hour.


At this point, in my experience, the project focus can begin to break down. It’s helpful to have our weekly 30 minute call to make sure we are centered in on what the true priorities are.

Depending on how you want to structure your opt-in and email welcome series (3-5 emails usually) I can start drafting these and your email newsletter template.


We meet to discuss a launch strategy of your business, coaching services, products, etc. Your launch could be anywhere from 3-6 weeks long.

I’ll send you a schedule of what content needs to be released and its sequence during the marketing of the launch. It will include social media and email.

I’ll write supporting marketing content for your social media outlets.


I’ll write an email to specifically announce your launch to your list. Sometimes an extra email or two are needed, so I will include that in the package.

I’ll write your social media launch announcements. I use Canva to create my social media banners and happy to add an extra 15-20 minutes to give you training on this AWESOME free tool so you can make your own fabulous banners for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


We meet for our project wrap up – approximately 1 hour to discuss any remaining copy changes, or content needed and to decide if we want to continue working together on a retainer. My two retainer package options are in the next section below.

If you wish to take the reins from here and hire me out at my hourly when you need fresh content, that’s perfectly fine. My rate is $100/hour.

By the end of this project, we will have laid a very strong foundation for you to move forward with your work. And I feel this is the true objective: to help you launch a business that will abundantly sustain you financially and bring you joy and fulfillment!

Content Marketing Creation + Strategy Packages

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses that already have content strategy laid out and need support with getting content created and delivered.

Two Options:

$3,000 (Covers 3 months of content. Works out to $1,000/month for a 3-month contract.)

$1,500 per month, with no contract obligation.

Both options Include the following:

  • (2) 30 minute strategy meetings per month over phone or Zoom to discuss ongoing and new marketing projects.
  • Copywriting:
    • 2 blog posts per month written by moi, based on your list of topics (up to 750 words).
    • Website Edit: I can edit any existing website copy to help you sparkle it up so you can draw the perfect fit clients for you and your business.
    • Newsletters – Four per month written by moi, based on your list of topics. (Each newsletter is approx. 500-700 words.)
    • Email Announcements/One Offs/Sales Invites – 1 per month.
    • Twice weekly social media updates that we agree upon during our initial set up meeting.
    • Copy Editing: includes 2 hours of editing any content written by you.

Not sure which package is for you? Let’s talk!

Schedule a 15-30 minute Virtual Tea (or coffee) and I’ll help you sort out which package will work best for your needs and situation.

Click here and you’ll arrive at my online scheduler where you can pick a date and time that’s most convenient for you.

Ready to get started? Send me an email and we can get you paid up and schedule your 1-1 strategy call!

Praise From Past Clients

“Hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent on my business marketing was hiring Kris. She wrote the copy for my website and I recommend working with her too! I’d do it soon before she books solid. Talent this phenomenal is beyond.” Maria, Santa Barbara, California. MariaSchonder.com.

“Kris helped transform my vision and story into a real business with with awesome strategies.” Aparna, Grosse Pointe, Michigan. AparnaKhanolkar.com